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The VEYEM Dual Monitor Laptop stand makes working on the go easier

VEYEM Dual Monitor setup

Our home work station is usually a force to be reckoned with. We’ve built it to be our ideal, so it has all the perks anyone could ever ask for. That’s what makes traveling and working away from home so difficult. We can usually¬†only bring our laptop, which is a poor substitute to what’s waiting for us at home. Of course, you could always find ways to jazz things up a bit more.

The VEYEM Portable Stand for Laptops will let you put another monitor in your field of view so you can work more efficiently. It can raise your USB monitor to eye-level so you don’t have to constantly crane your neck down to see what you’re doing. This uses a tri-fold design that is ready to go out of the box. All you’ll need to do is adjust the friction knobs to get your screen at the perfect viewing angle.

It can play nicely with USB-powered monitors, tablets, and other electronic devices, but you can also use it in tandem when drawing or writing if you often need to look at source material. It’ll only cost you $49.99, and weighs about 3.4 pounds. The only thing you might want to keep in mind is that there aren’t weights on the bottom, so you’ll need to keep your laptop in place lest you want the whole thing to topple over.

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