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Vertical Mouse 2

Vertical Mouse

I must admit I never saw Vertical Mouse I but I’m guessing it had a similar concept to this latest creation. The buttons on the Vertical Mouse are positioned in such a way that you need to hold it in a handshake type of position, which is supposedly comfier and prevents the need to twist the lower arm.

It would be interesting to give one a go but I certainly wouldn’t want to switch without having a serious test surf first. If you can read Korean you can find further info (and order) over at Amazon.

5 thoughts on “Vertical Mouse 2”

  1. I recently got one. New job had stock crappy dell mouse. OI have osteoarthritis in hands, so hands hurt terribly at end of day. I looked from replacements and got the vertical mouse. Now my mouse hand feels better at end of day than my other hand! I highly recomemd. ExtremeTech has review of several types including vertical mouse. takes a little time to adjust on how to move mouse and buttons, but easy to learn.

  2. this mouse is TERRIBLE it feels like GRABBING a METAL BOOB my daddy brought two mouse 1 touch pad and the one 1 the BOOB mouse

  3. this mouse is the worst mouse in the worst mouse in the existance of computer mice everywhere!!!! Nobody should buy this stupid mouse ever!!!
    Why do you people even buy this mouse if its a metal boob anyway????!!!

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