Vers hand-crafted wood cases for iPod and iPhone


Vers has just rolled out eco-friendly hand-crafted wood cases for the iPod and iPhone, where it will merge the natural beauty and strength of Walnut, Cherry and Bamboo into a single product, making them the most environmentally thoughtful cases that are on the market at the moment. The use of wood gives each case its own natural character, and bamboo offers superb toughness compared to any plastic. After all, bamboo is highly renewable due to its superior growth rate, and most of these cases, if not all, won’t look alike due to them being hand-crafted. Style won’t come cheap though, as the Vers wood cases for iPhone, iPod touch and iPod classic will retail for $39.99 while the iPod nano version is $5 cheaper. This ought to be the case for you if you happen to drive a Prius and use a MacBook…

Press Release