Verbatim unveils Color Nano Wireless Notebook Mouse


Mention Verbatim and what do you think of? Most of the time, the older ones among us would have fond memories of their Teflon-coated 5.25″ floppies – after all, that was the de facto standard when it came to common data storage media a couple of decades ago, where other Teflon-less brands failed to retain data better than Verbatim media. Well, here’s news for you – Verbatim doesn’t only make storage solutions, they have also dipped their fingers into the world of hardware, and this time round we’re treated to their latest release – the Color Nano Wireless Notebook Mouse.

What makes the Verbatim Color Nano Wireless Notebook Mouse so different? Well, it not only caters to both Windows and Mac users, it also brings together the reliability and performance of tried-and-tested 2.4GHz technology in a tiny form factor nano receiver with a hint of color to match your mouse. You will be able to choose from red, green, purple, yellow, pink, blue and graphite, where users are able to express their own unique color preferences to the rest of the world with something as simple as a mouse. The nano receiver itself is so small that you can always leave it permanently plugged into your notebook’s USB 2.0 port without having to worry about it breaking off, further reducing the risk of losing something so tiny. Just make sure you don’t misplace the mouse and you’re good to go!

Would you have preferred to see the use of Bluetooth technology in place of 2.4GHz wireless performance instead? Well, we suppose we’re happy with either, but the latter seems to be the smarter marketing choice since not every older notebook out there in the market comes with Bluetooth connectivity. The Verbatim Color Nano Wireless Notebook Mouse was specially designed to cater for ambidextrous use, so lefties need not feel, er, left out yet again when it comes to computer peripherals. You get a smooth, rubberized grip which offers equal comfort and control for both right- and left-hand use. Features include a programmable roller button that can be used to access favorite features in an easy and fast manner. If you’re interested in picking up Verbatim’s new Nano Wireless Mouse, it will retail for less than $29.99. We would recommend getting rechargeable AAA batteries as this model uses a couple of these to be powered.

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