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Verbatim unleashes Ergo Mouse

Verbatim is more often than not a name which we associate with flash memory as well as portable storage (remember floppies back in the day?), but here we see them branching out into peripherals such as a mouse – specifically speaking, the Ergo Mouse. Verbatim’s Ergo Mouse will take the wireless route to keep up with the times, making sure you do not end up with a tangled mess at the end of the day.
This is an ergonomic mouse that seems to cater only to right handers as you can see from the image above, so southpaws will have to look elsewhere – or just pester the folks over at Verbatim to roll out a left-handed version! Featuring a convenient thumb support (for your right hand, of course), it offers what Verbatim calls to be “the ultimate comfortable computing experience.” The Ergo Mouse has an ultra-smooth, rubberized grip and scroll wheel that were specially developed with comfort in mind, making you control your computer easily without batting an eyelid.

Apart from that, this ergonomically designed mouse will work via the 2.4GHz wireless frequency for lag-free cursor movement. Gamers would do well to give this a miss though – especially hardcore ones, since it won’t be able to hold any macros at all, and there aren’t any weights for you to insert or remove to suit your gaming needs. This is purely a workstation mouse, to put it in a nutshell.
The Ergo Mouse will ship with a nano receiver that works great by remaining plugged into your notebook via USB at all times, so you need not worry about it snapping off on your travels or anything like that. Available in blue, red and black colors, it will be powered by a couple of AAA batteries which surprisingly comes with each $29.99 purchase. Normally, hardware manufacturers don’t throw in batteries as you would need to get those yourself. Good job, Verbatim.
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