Vent your frustrations on the Choke-a-Duck

choke-a-duck.jpgThe pile of papers at your “IN” tray is piling up with no end in sight, your rent’s due tomorrow, your car loan is currently a couple of months’ outstanding, the baby doesn’t have enough clean diapers at home, your boss gives you nothing but more pressure-intensive deadlines day after day – when will you be able to get away from it all and take a nice, long break? What are some of the more practical ways of relieving your stress, since your mother-in-law is currently out of town? The Choke-a-Duck toy will instantly appeal to those who are looking for a scapegoat (scapeduck in this case) to throw their frustrations and stress at.

The Choke-a-Duck comes across as an extremely jolly avian specimen, waddling along while flapping its wings to the tune of “The Birdy Song”, incensing those who are already knee-deep in stress. The next best thing to having a nice, piping hot dish of Peking Duck would be wrapping your hands around the duck’s neck and wringing it to your heart’s content. The Choke-a-Duck will then scream and cluck as its very life is squeezed out, lighting up a fuse of laughter from you and alleviating some stress in the process.

When you release the damned bird, it will continue to amble about as before with the irritating tune playing in the background, where you then repeat the strangling process to your heart’s content until you pass out from sheer weariness of the 4 AA batteries run out of juice. £14.99 is a pretty reasonable price to pay for those who are looking for a way to get rid of the Monday blues.

Source: Ubergizmo

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