Vent Register Booster Fan

The Vent Register Booster Fan aims to increase energy efficiency in your home or office by dramatically increasing air flow while saving energy simultaneously.

Vent Register Booster Fan automatically boosts vent airflow by up to 80%; keeping room temperature warm, and heating costs low. Register Booster is designed with an adjustable thermostat sensor, which switches on automatically when vent airflow is sensed. Vent fan also has a manual switch for continuous operation. Home Trends register booster quietly warms or cools your home, using much less energy than adjusting your thermostat for the same effect. Simply place the vent fan over any 4” by 6” floor register, or install over wall register with 4 screws (not included).

You can pick up the Vent Register Booster Fan for $59.95. Hey, anything that helps reduce the daily rising costs of living is always welcome in my home.