Vending machines spit out 3D glasses now

Aren’t you glad that 3D glasses are something that you wear across the front of your face, and not as personal as a pair of earbuds? Good thing this makes it easier to use 3D glasses in movie theaters, never mind that a gazillion other people have also worn the same pair of glasses before you did. Well, the next time you want to catch the next big 3D flick, how about bringing your very own pair of glasses along so that there is no more need to share with anyone else?
Marchon3D is the brains behind this idea, where they have teamed up with Cinemark and UltraStar Cinemas in San Diego and Huntington Beach to deliver the first in-theater, self-service vending machines of its kind. Needless to say, these vending machines won’t deliver popcorn for you – but rather, it will spit out Marchon3D’s line of patented, curved RealD 3D compatible glasses known as EX3D Eyewear.

EX3D is a recently launched brand of Marchon3D, where they intend to make 3D glasses fashionable instead of dorky looking. Well, I guess this is fine and dandy for those who have perfect vision or are wearing contacts, what about the group of people who wear glasses that have bulkier than normal frames? Will Marchon3D be able to provide a decent and yet stylish pair to wear over the glasses?
Movie fans will be spoilt for choice as they can pick from fashion, sport, casual and kids styles in a variety of trendy colors and fashionable shapes. Apart from that, my question above has been answered – EX3D will also deliver smart solutions for prescription glasses wearers such as clip-on lenses. It really depends on the kind of style that you want, as each pair will retail anywhere from $22 to $30, although there is this bunch of limited edition models that can cost you around $70.
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