Vending Machines for Flash cards

Memory Card Vending
Here’s a great idea in this digital age …

On the heals of iPods and other tech being sold via Vending machines, Kingston Technology and My Memory have gotten together and recently unveiled the world’s first vending machine for flash memory products.

In a test market located at London’s Gatwick Airport South Terminal, the memory company is testing whether selling flash cards and USB drives will prove that convenience and technology are natural travel companions.

Digital Photographers and other geek aficionados will now be able to purchase SD cards, CompactFlash cards, USB drives and other products in a flash simply by putting in their credit card and hitting the appropriate number combination. Out comes a bubble pack 4GB SDHC card and you’re off to capture those wonderful vacation memories.

If successful, the Flash Vending Machine concept could certainly be an easy and convenient way to solve a problem if your existing card gets corrupted while you’re on vacation.

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