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Velocomp announces iBike Dash Cycling Computer

Are you a true blue health buff? Then chances are you will have involved yourself in a variety of sports, where among them include swimming, cycling and running, classic triathlon motions which most people will find comfortable with. Well, Velocomp has decided to help you out in this department with their new iBike Dash Cycling Computer. This is a lightweight wireless bicycle computer system which is capable of turning any iPhone or iPod touch into your own personal fitness trainer – without breaking the bank, of course. Priced at $199, the iBike Dash CC might just kick start an entirely new category of interactive cycling devices, capable of enhancing the cycling experience in a whole lot more intimate, intuitive and fun manner than ever before. Perhaps this might be the way to achieve your New Year’s resolution of keeping slim and trim, never mind that we’re already about to enter March. Each purchase of the iBike Dash Cycling Computer will include a free iPhone/iPod touch Bike App that sports easy-to-read high-res color graphics & animation. It is a snap to install as well, where the compact device takes your biking from the leisure to fitness level, letting you achieve your fitness goals faster (hopefully). It is capable of helping you achieve your fitness goals by measuring your speed, power, heart rate, wind speed, time, trip, elevation, and calories, and remember the free Bike App that we talked about earlier? That will come with a host of customizable tools which range from simple speedometers to work-out programs. The app itself will be displayed on the iPhone or iPod’s screen with easy to read high-resolution color graphics and animation. Forget about the “No Pain, No Gain” myth, with the iBike Dash Cycling Computer’s HR Pacing Meter, it will let you know of your physical boundaries, making sure you don’t push yourself far more than what you intended. After all, isn’t intelligent biking all about sustaining your energy for you to have some left over to last the final few miles? The iBike Dash CC will also inform you on when your cycling effort is optimal for burning fat, not to mention the amount of calories burnt during the entire ride, capable of accumulating daily, weekly and monthly information for your rides. It will cost you $199 for the basic version, while those who want the advanced version which comes with additional features such as cadence, HR, calorie measurement, battery and charger will have to dig deeper at $329. ]]>