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VELA Rangehood from ILVE has 10 inch LCD screen

Some people like to watch television while they cook. I know if I tried to do this in my kitchen, I wouldn’t have room on my counter for an LCD TV, even the smallest one. Not to mention all the mess it would accrue on the screen because of my cooking. I also wouldn’t want any electronics near any place where I boil water.

An Australian appliance maker called ILVE has created the VELA rangehood with a 10-inch LCD monitor located right above the stove. As you can see, the screen is located high above the stove, but it is safe away from airborne foodstuffs. The television can be controlled via wireless remote, which should hopefully find a place in a kitchen drawer.

Of course, you are going to have to hook up cable to this LCD screen, but if cable is not easily accessible, the VELA screen does have AV inputs in case you want to hook up a DVD player. Of course, there doesn’t seem to be a place to put a DVD player on this set up, but I’m sure you could put it out of the way.

No word on when this will be out on the market, or the price. It certainly doesn’t look cheap.


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