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Vecto Mini water-resistant speaker is one for the ages

vehoDon’t you just love the summer? This means those of us who are sick and tired of the winter cold or spring chill will be able to bask under the bright and warm sunlight, getting a nice tan while one is at it. There is pure bliss in doing so, and you can be sure that there are moments when you would want to cool off as well. Hence, it would be best if you were to chill by the poolside or at the beach, where dipping into the water once in a while works wonders to get rid of the excess heat. However, doing so without entertainment can be a bore, which is why carrying your favorite tunes with you is always a good thing, even better when you share your musical taste with everyone else around with the £29.99 Vecto Mini water-resistant speaker, which is a step up from a regular water-resistant speaker.

The Vecto Mini water-resistant speaker is a small, outdoor speaker that should act as the perfect foil for its performance – as it packs one serious punch. This is definitely a case of having plenty of bark – and bite, as it emits a killer 6 watts of powerful high-fidelity sound. Taking just 90 minutes to charge up, it delivers a whopping 8 hours of playback time, and to make sure that your fun time by the swimming pool or at the beach does not get dampened, the Vecto Mini water-resistant speaker will arrive in a rugged water-resistant and shock-proof housing (IP64 rating), as it remains protected from total dust ingress and protected from water spray from any direction.

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