Variable Position Tablet Stand lets you work in many different positions

variable-position-tablet-standLet us face the facts – tablets are more or less just about everywhere in our lives these days, as they happen to be almost as essential as owning a smartphone, although it is not quite there just yet. Since we do make use of tablets more and more in our everyday lives, there is a growing need to figure out how one can work with a tablet in the most productive manner possible. With the $49.95 Variable Position Tablet Stand, the answer to that particular question has arrived.

The Variable Position Tablet Stand happens to be a stand which will be able to position a tablet at the optimum angle to deliver a comfortable hands-free experience, regardless of whether one is sitting upright or reclining. This versatile stand comprises of a 15″ W x 10″ D tray and a couple of triple-jointed legs which can individually be adjusted up to 360° in 15º increments to position the tablet at the desired height and angle. It will also allow one to lock the top surface at 0°, with the bottom and middle joints at 90° in order to transform the stand into a desk for use in bed, and you can also set the top joint at 45° and the bottom legs in a Z-shape to prop the device on a coffee table for watching videos. There will be clips located on the top surface in order to secure a tablet, and it folds flat for compact storage.