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Vapium delivers solar USB charger for vaporizers

vapium-springVapium, the folks behind the reliable tools required for the bold vapor enthusiast, has recently announced their very first solar USB charger that will cater for your vaporizer. Of course, it has an added advantage, and that would be the ability to juice up your mobile devices, now how about that for some added flexibility? Oh yeah, how can I forget – Vapium’s effort this time around is known as the SPRING – and the SPRING will come with a rugged exterior, IPX4 splash-proof rating and a solar panel which will be able to recharge your SUMMIT loose-leaf vaporizer to the maximum by up to four times, assuming it had spent an entire day in the sun beforehand, of course.

This particular solar charger will also incorporate an integrated flashlight, as well as a built-in LED indicator to point to the current battery level so that you know just how much more time it needs to lounge in the sun (oh, aren’t you envious that it gets to laze around under the warmth of our solar system’s star?) before it ends up with a full charge. In addition, the juice stored in the SPRING can be dispensed to charge up your smartphone as well as other different kinds of mobile devices when you are still off the grid. All that you need to do is to place the SPRING in your car, office, home window or outdoors, let it soak up some rays and watch it turn into an environmentally friendly energy dispensing device.

Of course, just in case the sun is feeling a little bit shy, you can always opt to charge SPRING through a microUSB connection, and ensure that it doubles up as a backup battery on-the-go. SPRING and SUMMIt will be available to vape- and outdoor-enthusiasts for $39 and $149, respectively, if you are interested.

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