Vacuum Cleaner LG Kompressor Turns Dust into Blocks of Filth

LG Kompressor

The new vacuum cleaner LG Kompressor may not be automated like the Roomba or the Dyson, and not even as fun as the robotic race car vacuum, but is going to leave your house sparkling clean thanks to its revolutionary system that compress the dirt into packets that you can clean up easily afterwards.

The LG Kompressor exclusive system works in the deposit of dust, making blocks of dirt. That increases the capacity of dirt that can be stored, without increasing the external size of the vacuum cleaner; in fact it can keep up to four times the quantity of dust before you need to empty it again. As a complement to this system, the new models also have a washable air filter that retains most of the dirt particles, which is very important if someone in your house suffer from allergies.

This new line of vacuum cleaners will be composed of three models, with a maximum power of 2.000 W, one of the most powerful cleaners in market, without losing the suction capacity.

The LG Kompressor will be available in April for 299 euros. Read more at (in Spanish).

Via TecnoChica.