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Vacuum Cleaner Computer Mouse

thanko-usb-cleaner-mouseA number of computer desks get covered in dirt, dust and various bits of junk like small staples. If you do not think so then lift up your keyboard and look underneath. Then flip your keyboard over to see the dirt fall out :). Most of the time there isn’t a rag handy to clean it up and it just gets forgotten about. If you have a Vacuum Cleaner Computer mouse then a nice clean desk it just a push button away.

The vacuum is activated at the push of a button and is so small, it can hide inside a fully functional computer mouse. When in use, the dust is sucked up in to a tiny compartment and kept until emptied by the owner. The mouse is USB 1.1 or 2.0 compatible and has functioning left/right buttons with a scroll wheel too.

Now that you are all excited about having a clean desk at the touch of a button, I am sorry to have to let you down because this mouse is only available currently in Japan at a cost of $19USD.

Source – InventorSpot

Guest post by Matthew of Gadget Venue.