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Vaavud turns your iPhone into a windmeter


When I want to know the weather, I’ll generally peek out a window, or step outside. If I’m feeling particularly lazy, I might pull out my phone and open up a weather app. These might not be the most absolutely precise methods for getting proper weather data, but when I need to know how to dress for the day, it’s good enough. But for some people, guesses and estimates, or even readings from a location miles away isn’t good enough.

The Vaavud might seem like an unnecessary gadget for most people. And to be quite honest, it is. Most people don’t need to know the exact wind direction and speed. However, if you’re wind surfing, launching a model rocket, or preparing for any number of other outdoor activities that can be affected by the wind, this can be very useful.

What’s interesting is that while the device plugs into your iPhone, there are no electronic parts to be found. Instead, it cleverly uses a pair of magnets, along with the phone’s built-in magnetic sensor to detect the wind speed. Combine this with a special app, and you’ve got yourself a simple anemometer that can detect wind speeds from between 1 and 25mph. If you need to be collecting wind speed data, then the Vaavud will only set you back $50.

Source: CraziestGadgets