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V-Sports console for folks who can’t afford a Wii

There are always people who think that the products on the market are way too expensive for their tastes no matter what it is priced at now. The Wii, despite retailing for $250, is still considered a luxury purchase for some, hence the release of clones and knockoffs like the V-Sports console from China. This console copies the wiimote concept and comes with a range of boring looking sports titles (11 in all), accompanied by another 10 arcade and puzzle games. You can get a cheap experience of motion controlled gaming with the $74 V-Sports, but you’re obviously much better off forking out $250 for the real thing.

Source: Technabob

4 thoughts on “V-Sports console for folks who can’t afford a Wii”

  1. I must agree… Sometimes it’s better to save for the real deal and not a cheap knock-off for cheap thrills like a whore down the street. V-Sports LOL! Only a brickhead would get one- you get what you pay for so don’t complain when it isn’t as fun as the true product, and chances are it will malfunction days after use LOL! I fell every cheapass person in this world should die a horrible death because of them, this world has so much useless crap like this product the world DOES NOT need or should ever try.

  2. Wow, Chill! Thats a mighty judgemental outburst for someone that is basing his view on nothing but speculation! Unless of course of have had a play with the “whore down the street” how could you judge?

    I also feel (note spelling), like you, that some people “should die a horrible death”, although its not those that are hard up, its not even the type that cause true problems with their jumped up self righteous ill-informed and generally obnoxious views that contribute nothing.

    People who think the world should give a shit about their ignorant opinion. “LOL!”

  3. Picasso- stand up, get outside and get some air. Your constant scanning of the internet, reading smartass comments and opinions non-stop has clearly eroded your perspective on the world to the confines of your basement apartment.

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