V-Fit Mini Twist Stepper

There is never a better time than now if you want to start shedding some weight around your waist, and this is where we see the V-Fit Mini Twist Stepper being able to help you. After all, having the ability to exercise right in the comfort of your own home allows you to do so in the buff if you’re so inclined, or even shave some time off from driving to the nearest park – not to mention not having to breathe in all the city smog.

This great piece of home gym equipment is small and compact, so you can jump on for a quick upper and lower body workout in the smallest of spaces and tidy the mini stepper away in between fitness training. Tailor your workouts on the exercise stepper with an adjustable step height and feel the burn from the preset hydraulic resistance. Five functions on the mini stepper record your progress by counting calories, steps, steps per minute, time and scrolling through the lot with function scan. Sculpt calves and thighs and use the bungee cords to tone your upper body. Large non-slip footplates ensure the exercise stepper is safe and easy to use. Park your mini stepper in front of the television for fun and effective workouts – no overpriced gym membership required!

The V-Fit Mini Twist Stepper will retail for £44.95 each – be warned though, it is able to handle a maximum load of 110kg, so if you’re heavier than that and want to find a suitable home exercise machine, we suggest you consult your doctor beforehand for professional advice.

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