UZI Tactical Defender Pen takes DNA


If you’re worried about keeping yourself safe, finding the right weapon to do that with can be tricky.  Personally, I have some pepper spray I keep on a keychain, but I’ve noticed that guys for the most part don’t want to carry something like that.  However, this pen is discreet and manly enough that it would work out great for either sex.  Not only does this tactical pen manage to injure your attacker, but it also takes a quick sample of their DNA.

Then once you’ve managed to escape and get to a police station you have on hand the attacker’s DNA.  You just have to make sure to pull the pen back out of the wound while you’re getting away.  When you’re not feeling threatened it will work just fine as a normal pen.  The pen is supposed to be going for $20.  You can find out more information on the pen through CampCo.

Source: UberReview