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UWaterG2 waterproof MP3 player

Do you think that the world is obsessed with superlatives? Otherwise, why would there even be an almanac known as the Guinness Book of World Records that sell by the millions annually? The longest, fastest, fattest, thinnest, tallest, smallest, biggest, you name it, they’ve got it. The UWaterG2 waterproof MP3 player intends to go along the same vein, being touted as the smallest 100% waterproof MP3 player and earphones in the world, although we haven’t really put their claims to the test – yet. It is certainly an interesting claim, and since we don’t listen to music while we swim, it would be hard to verify just how waterproof this puppy is. More on the UWaterG2 in the extended post.

Boasting a Twist & Lock Jack that delivers double protection for the device, this micro-sized MP3 player can be clipped onto a pair of goggles or even fastened onto a headband, armband, or belt. We don’t think those who are practicing their lap times might want to have this, as the tradeoff from having your favorite DJ spinning his/her tracks against the additional resistance (negligible, some say) might not just be worth it. We’re thinking this will target the more casual swimmers, or even those who want to spend some time by the pool but without having to worry about their iPod getting sloshed.
The Twist & Lock earphones jack will ensure that it seals water out completely, but there is also another function behind the idea – to provide crucial long term protection against corrosion, a problem which is more often than not associated with damage to other devices through the use of regular jacks. Right now, the UWaterG2 will retail for $59.95 as part of its promotional price, so get it sooner rather than later if you don’t want to pay the full amount. Oh yeah, what better way to remain fit and trim after the year end festivities and gorging than to go swimming with your favorite tunes?
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9 thoughts on “UWaterG2 waterproof MP3 player”

  1. I have been using the SwiMP3 which provides bone conduction of sound – works well except that the sound of bubbles during my exhale can drown out the music – I assume the same would be true for these, and I wonder how well the ear buds will stay in with the repetitive head twisting during lap swimming…

  2. I wonder how well this would work for use in my hottub. This would be great if I can hear it over the sound of the jets. Don’t really need to submerge it but want something in expensive to take in with me.

  3. Be carefull if you buy this product! Rather dont buy it.
    We bought one. It does not work at all in any computer which means you cannot download any music in to it or load the battery. With Vista, XP, Linux, Mc. It does not work with none of those!
    I sent it back. They sent me new one. Same thing. Now I am trying to send it back and get refund.
    They get back to you very slowly or not at all so you will run out time to return product. Then they say: ” sorry but we can repair it if you pay it!” .
    Fitness tech usa says:
    “Dear Customer,
    Thank you for contacting us.
    We are glad to send you replacement
    Dear Customer,
    We are unable to process your RMA request. Your RMA request is declined.
    Our records indicate that your product is not under refund or warranty period.
    Please refer to our refund/warranty policy:
    Dear Customer,
    Unfortunately we are not able to give you a refund for this product because it is no longer under warranty.
    However, you may pay for the product to be repaired and tested.”.
    How stupid they are?????

  4. I loved it–notice I said “loved”. I got it for Valentine’s Day and now 3 months later almost to the day, it quit working. I’ve owned a number of MP3 waterproof players, and I’ve never had one go kaput in less than a year! I hope I get a replacement, and I will let you know if I do–or don’t.

  5. I purchased this product about a month ago. It works really well. The key is to screw the USB cable fully into the mp3 player so that your computer will recognize it and charge it. I had previously spent a lot of money on an H2O Aquatics waterproof case for my iPod. It worked great for about three months and then one day leaked a small amount of water into the case which shorted out my iPod. I sent it back and they sent me a new case but did not pay me back for the cost of the iPod. I am not about to buy another iPod and have it damaged again. This mp3 player is hermetrically sealed and is waterproof as long as you screw the earbuds fully into the player. I am very happy with it and recommend it.

  6. Love it as a casual swimmer…can still hear music over my breathing bubbles, but having problems with the one of the earphones cutting out. They say I might have water in my ear and to use a larger earpiece. Sometimes it works and others not. Am buying another set of earphones to see what happens. Otherwise it’s very easy to download tunes and has good sound

  7. “The key is to screw the USB cable fully into the mp3 player so that your computer will recognize it and charge it.”
    Either that did not work here. I am so fed up with this company. What kind of people sell products and wont take it back if it does not work?

  8. This product doesn’t work. I own this product and if you intend to swim with it, know that it doesn’t seal your ear from water going inside your ear and once you have water between your ear and the ear piece you cant hear anything. A waste of money. I wanted to return the product but the UwaterG2 wont take it back.

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