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This UV Towel Dryer Hanger will fight the germ count in your bathroom

UV Towel Dryer Hanger

How many times have you gone to wipe your hands on a towel in the bathroom and found it to be wet, with a bit of a mildew smell? Any time you’re home for more than 8 hours this normally occurs at least once, and if you’re having a party that towel will be gross faster than you’d care to think about. While you don’t want to install a hand dryer into your bathroom, you might want something in the very least to cut down on the sheer amount of bacteria that you may or may not be wiping your hands on.

If you want to touch a freshly dried towel every time you wash up, then this UV Towel Dryer Hanger can make that possible. This will hang your towel down the center of a plastic circle inside of which has a UV light, and a fan that will help speed up the drying process. The UV is on a timer of 20 minutes, while the fan can run for about 5 hours.

You’ll need to plug this in for power, so it will mean one less outlet to use in the bathroom, but cleaner towels is a pretty big plus. This comes with a remote control so you don’t have to rely on guests or kids remembering to turn on the drying function. You will have to put up tape and some minor wall attachments, but it’s not going to be anything terribly difficult. This will cost you $97, which might cause those who don’t have insane amounts of disposable income to err on the side of using a hair dryer instead.

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