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UV Monkey

uv-monkey1Summer’s here for those living in the northern hemisphere, and you’ll need to make sure you get enough sunscreen on your back if you plan to spend lots of time under the sun to attain that lovely tan. We’d highly recommend you bring the UV Monkey with you though.

This small keyring gadget is like your own personal space monkey. The UV Monkey will assist you by checking UV levels so that you know when to charge solar devices – and when to protect your skin. Once exposed to sunlight, the center will change to different shades of purple to indicate increasing levels of UV light (darker means higher level of UV). The UV Monkey can indicate 4 different ranges of the UV Index (Index 1-2, Index 3-5, Index 6-8, Index 9-11).

Spending $9.99 for a device that could potentially help prevent sun skin damage, why not? The money spent would clearly pale in comparison when placed next to hospital bills involved in treating skin cancer many years down the road.