Utilize the power of the sun for extra talk time

Solar Cell Phone Charger

These days people seem to be taking more notice of the amount of energy their gadgets use. I’m not talking about how long their batteries last, but rather they are being more conscious about their impact on the environment. The easiest “green” power source that can be incorporated into many gadgets is from our sun. I’ve seen few practical solar designs for recharging phones, however, this latest product from Strap-Ya may be something worth looking into.

While the solar panel won’t directly charge your cell phone, it juices up a small battery booster that can give your phone up to 25 minutes of extra life. You’ll need to soak up between 6-10 hours of fair weather rays for a full charge, but its small design makes for a perfect keychain which you can let hang out of your pocket.

If you know you’re going to need the spare power, but don’t have 6-10 hours to sit in the sun, you can hook it up to an AC adapter for 3 hours. Looks like it will be out in Japan by February 9th.

Source: Tokyomango