Users experiencing issues with SP3

Windows XP

I have several computers in my house, most of which run Windows XP. With the release of the third and final service pack for the OS, I did what I always do, which was absolutely nothing. I did not download the new data, but merely sat back, content with the way my computers were running; waiting to see what damage would be caused by the update. Apparently there has been plenty of damage done.

There have been a large amount of users indicating issues with SP3. Anything from driver issues, software problems to even system crashes. My advice to those experiencing these issues is to uninstall the service pack and be content with the way your computer was before. There’s really no rush to install something like this right away, as there are generally issues that need to be worked out.

Ironically, Service Pack 3 was delayed because of incompatibility issues. Glad to see that Microsoft got all of those out before releasing the update to the public.

Source: Pocket-Lint

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