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Use your air miles to fly to space with Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Galactic

We’ve written about Virgin Galactic before and it does sound sound jolly cool to be able to fly up to space and experience zero gravity, however it comes at something of a price, £100,000 (~$200,000 or near as damn it), ouch. However we’ve received an email from Virgin telling us that you can now put your Virgin air miles towards the cost of the flight, cool!

Virgin Galactic is delighted to announce a new destination…space. Climb to 360,000ft. at a cruising speed of almost three times the speed of sound, in unprecedented levels of safety and comfort. See our beautiful planet from 63 miles up and experience the magic of weightlessness.

Redeem 200,000 miles to receive 10% off the cost of a spaceflight, that’s an incredible $20,000 saving! Join our future astronauts and book your place in history

So if you travel a lot and have a spare £80K knocking there is a bargain to be had and if you want to get up to 3,000 bonus air miles leave a comment here and we’ll email you with more details (well Virgin will on our behalf).

2 thoughts on “Use your air miles to fly to space with Virgin Atlantic”

  1. Very cool promotion. Is this just the same as bonus certificates offered through other programs, or is this the future of experiential promotions? I’m looking forward to see how this goes. Though there are a lot of mixed signals as to what promotions exist around this currently. A quick Google search shows different incentives. Any ideas as to where this actually lives right now. Is this just ideas being kicked out through email or is this a bona fide program?

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