USB-C Multi-Port Hub revealed

usb-c-hubHow many of us happen to have so many accessories for our computers, so much so that it is more or less impossible to make sure that there are enough USB ports to go around on our Ultrabooks or notebooks? Why, the USB hub might not be the sexiest peripheral to have around the home, but it sure as heck can be considered to be a vital addition to any road warrior, as you can never have too many USB ports in my opinion. In order to make sure that you keep up with the times, SMK-Link Electronics has introduced the USB-C Multi-Port Hub, which carries the model number VP6920.

The USB-C Multi-Port Hub is special as it has been specially designed for laptop computers that make use of a USB-C port interface. This extremely portable USB-C Multi-Port Hub will allow for multiple connectivity options, including a USB-C charging port, an HDMI HD/4K video port, a Gigabit Ethernet Port, three high-speed USB 3.0 Ports, and SD & Micro SD Memory Card Readers. Talk about extreme versatility, right? While it might not look as nice as Satechi’s aluminum 7-port USB hub, the more important thing is that it gets the job done, and with much aplomb, too.

John Blair, General Manager of Branded Products for SMK-Link Electronics, has this to say about the USB-C Multi-Port Hub, “Utilizing a single USB-C port, our new USB-C Multi-Port Hub enables all of the computer connectivity you’ll ever need: providing the options of a desktop docking station in a portable size. Replacing a handful of adapters, the Multi-Port Hub does not require power to supply HDMI, network adapter, SD Card Reader and USB 3.0 connections. Plugged in, however, it also provides power to external USB drives while charging your laptop.”

In short, this might be the only docking station that you will need for the moment. The asking price of $99.99 a pop should not faze any power users though.

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