USB Wireless PC Lock

USB Wireless PC Lock
If you’re worried about your personal files being left unprotected at your desk when you’re away from your computer, but you’re too forgetful to secure it each time you leave, this gadget is definitely for you. The USB Wireless PC Lock automatically locks your computer every time you are away from it to protect your privacy.

There are two parts to this gadget, the transmitter and the receiver. The receiver is plugged into your computer’s USB port, while the transmitter is kept in your pocket, wallet, or anywhere else on your person. Whenever the receiver notices that the transmitter is transmitting over 2 metres away, the receiver locks the computer.

When you return to within 2 metres of your computer, the receiver will either automatically unlock the computer, or request a password if you want extra security (or you have a hole in your pocket!). The transmitter is powered by a 3V DC battery which lasts 2000 hours and transmits at 434 MHz, so as long as you’re using it only while you’re at the office it can last for quite a while without a battery replacement.

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