USB Wii Remote Charger

Wii ChargerI took delivery of my Nintendo Wii a couple of weeks ago and it is an awesome piece of kit, this next gadget should of come with the Wii or at least of been an official extra but no another company had to come up with the common sense to make a USB Charger for the Wii Remote.

The idea is so simple, the remote control docking station connects to the USB port at the back of the Wii and when the remote is not in use (in our house that is when we are asleep) dock the remote and let it charge. On the downside it does mean you need to leave the Wii turned on all the time, either that of connect it to a USB socket on your always on PC (or is that just me that never seems to turn the PC off).

You can get the Wii remote USB charger from Rare Mono Shop for $29.

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