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USB Webcam with Night Vision

Webcam with Night VisionThis is another one of those “Why hasn’t it been done before” gadgets, a Webcam with night vision. So your friends can see who they’re talking to even if the lights are off.

I must admit I do wonder about the sort of people who would use a webcam like this. Okay I think I can guess the sort of people that would benefit from a camera like this, just make sure you lock the door :).

Available from USB Geek for a measly $35 [found via i4u]

9 thoughts on “USB Webcam with Night Vision”

  1. this is nothing new, I’ve had one of these in my chimney watching the birds for a long time now, search on ebay to find one for cheap

  2. Thanks for the info Martin, it’s the first time of seen one of these so it was new to me but probably not to our readers.

  3. I must say, it’s the first time I’ve seen a USB night vision camera. Maybe I should trawl ebay a bit more often! 🙂

  4. Its not the first time I have seen a small compact nightvision camera very similar to this one, but this is the first one I have seen with USB.

  5. hello i have a night vision camera and i have lost the cd to install the drivers does anyone have the driver and could send it to me through emials would be greatly appreciated
    1.3 Mega Pixel 6 LED Night Vision Web Cam PC Camera

  6. Dudes why buy one and pay extra when you can modify a normal webcam to make one?????????????

  7. well to the person who said, u wonder who or what type of people who would use this device, well my family definatly would, at least one. why, we have a son on lifesupport at night time, and we have carers who love to make the room all dark, so there fore we cant see if anything goes wrong with him. im in the process of making my own device it does come in handy when you have a child on a life support bypap venterlator. and breaths through a tracheostomy, also known as treck overseas.
    so there are many reasons and situtions that u can use night vision.

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