USB Watch tells time, looks geek chic

Let’s examine two trends of geeky gadget hunting. Trend #1, gadgets that are made using recycled computer parts. Check. Trend #2, hooking everything and anything to a USB port. Check, check! Oh, and maybe there is a third trend. Trend #3, watches. They’re always chic for the gadgetry guru.

The Timeless Watch designed by Design-Brothers is a hybrid of all of these trends into one ridiculously awesome timepiece. The Timeless Watch stores power from your USB port in its rechargeable battery. But the real kicker is that the watch clasp is actually a USB port with a specially made latch.

The wrist band itself appears to be inspired by the cable innards of your computer tower. The display is simple and minimilistically digital. No fancy colored screen here. Just straight up digital numbering. The only problem is that there doesn’t seem to be a way to adjust the wrist size.

But not to worry. You won’t be owning one of these anytime soon unless you can rig one up yourself. The USB Watch seems to be purely conceptual and extremely limited. Probably only one or two of them were made. It sure would be cool if they hit the market though. I’d so rock it.

Source via Gizmowatch

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