USB Volume Slide Controller: Control at your fingertips

For some reason, I can’t help but think of the song “Slide” by the Goo Goo Dolls when I saw this next product. Maybe it’s because the USB Volume Slide Controller is slide controlled, and I needed a good intro to this article.

The USB Volume Slide Controller plugs into the USB port, and then it can affix to the side of your computer or laptop. The point of it is to have some sort of volume control at your fingertips that is controlled by your fingertips.

Slide it up to turn the volume up, or down to turn it down. Pretty simple, right? It can be turned off or on by simply touching it and holding it down for about two seconds. Think of it as a handy mute button.

You might ask yourself why someone would need such a USB accessory. After all, I’ve got a convenient dial on the laptop that is probably closer to my fingers than where I would mount the Slide Controller. However, you have to admire the neatness factor of this product.

I also think this would be great to have for the desktop, because some speakers that people keep on their desktop have the volume on them. The Slide control would be a good alternative to reaching over and stretching to adjust the volume dial.

The USB Volume Controller is available at the USB Fever site for about $11.99, and it plans to ship in November.