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USB Voice Control LED Lamp


There are times that as lazy as it makes us sound, we just don’t want to go across the room to turn on or off a light.  It’s moments like that in which people start thinking up strange inventions to solve the issue.  Which is probably how this voice controlled lamp came into existance.  Now instead of walking to shut off the small LED lamp, you can shut it off from up to 10 meters away.

The lamp is USB powered and has a total of 12 bright LED lights.  It has two different modes that you can set the lamp to, there’s the normal on/off mode and then the voice controlled on/off.  That way you don’t want to worry that you’ll accidentally turn the light off by the sound of your voice.  The lamp is capable of being shut off through any voice within the proper range.   You can purchase it for $14.99 through GizFever.

Source: GeekAlerts

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