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USB Travel Shaver – tiny, portable and effective

usb-travel-shaverIs there nothing that the humble USB port cannot do these days? Well, for those who tend to travel a whole lot, if you do happen to stay at swanky hotels as part of your job’s perks, then good for you. Other folks who need to look out for budget accommodation while having to duke it out with others for a particular tender might have to live in far more spartan conditions, and that includes staying at places that do not offer creature comforts such as a shaver. This means bringing your own, and a regular plastic shaver is not quite good enough for those who are hirsute, which is where the $29.95 USB Travel Shaver comes in handy.

The USB Travel Shaver is a compact men’s electric shaver, and as its name suggests, will be able to recharge via USB for convenient use whenever you travel. It is smaller in size compared to a regular smartphone, where it can slip into a carry-on or briefcase for easy portability. Not only that, for added convenience to the user, it will feature a retractable USB connector that can be powered up via any computer or USB adapter, helping you save additional space when you are on the road since there is no need to pack any charger or cable. It will boast of speedy 8,000 RPM vibrations and sharp blades, where the foil razor offers a comfortably close shave, with the foil being able to slip off easily for easy cleaning. All it takes is a four-hour charge for approximately 30 minutes of use. Of course, if you truly want to go green while on the move, there is always the Solar Electric Shaver to consider.