USB Snowman

If you enjoyed building snowmen during the winter and then becoming depressed as you watched the sun melt away your work of art, then you are sure to want this unmeltable snowman that connects to your computer. This way you can have a snowman year round without the fear of it melting away no matter how hot it gets.

He is completely dressed with a unique hat, scarf, and ready to smile on your face as his belly glows. His LED will glow and change into four different colors. This is sure to lighten your mood when you are under the gun to finish your work so you can go Christmas shopping, a dinner party, or looking for your special Christmas tree.

The best part is your USB snowman will be around year round to brighten your mood or the mood of others that pass by your desk.

Other great features of the USB snowman include the ability to work with your computer, and playstaion2. In addition, you do not have to be a rocket scientist to enjoy him, all you do is plug him into your USB port and he glows for all to see.

This USB snowman would be a wonderful gift for anyone that lives in sunny climate now and misses the snowy days back home, any one that really loved building snowmen but now just don’t have the time, or just brighten someone’s mood.

With this cute USB snowman around you will not have Scrooge lurking behind the door. Plug one into every computer at home and the office to keep all that see him in a holiday mood.