USB Sniper Rifle lets you pick at colleagues from afar

usb-sniperDo you happen to have the reputation of being a practical joker at the office? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you would definitely want to check out this unique USB-powered desktop toy – which will cost you $100 after conversion, and while that might sound rather pricey, it is super cheap for a sniper rifle. Of course, this particular USB Sniper Rifle is not something that is capable of killing your target (although some of you would have preferred it to be that way), but rather, it will be able to catch some of your unsuspecting colleagues by surprise, although I am quite sure that it will not be long before they figure out that you are the culprit.

The USB Sniper Rifle is powered and aimed through the USB connection on your desktop or notebook, and it even comes with a built-in camera so that you can check out your targets on the monitor instead of having to get up and expose yourself with but a glance. Needless to say, thanks (or rather, no thanks) to the relatively short range of most USB cables, your circle of targets are limited to how far this USB cable can run, and the range of the USB Sniper Rifle itself.