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USB Skull Hub – creepy yet functional

usb-skull-hubHalloween’s just about to arrive at the end of this month, and so I am quite sure that many of us are looking forward to a time of partying or socializing at the end of October. Heck, one does not really need to have an excuse to throw a party, but having a theme certainly makes all of the planning a whole lot easier, don’t you think so? Especially when it comes to the kind of costumes or dress code for your guests to be informed of. Having said that, a Halloween theme is certainly in line for the £17.99 USB Skull Hub to make its debut, as your work area can be decorated with this creepy cranium.

It is not all just looks alone, since it will also be able to work as its name suggests – that is, featuring a quartet of USB 2.0 ports. Now, as to why there is not a single USB 3.0 port in sight, that is another question that needs to be asked, as it makes the USB Skull Hub feel as though it is behind the times in terms of technological prowess. At the very least, the skull’s top has been lopped off, which would see it leave a fair amount of storage space to stash away those little bits and pieces such as paperclips and keys in a safe place.