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USB Rechargeable LED Book Light


I have a thing for book lights, but if I were being truthful I don’t really use mine a lot.  It just runs out of batteries and I forget to put in new ones.  Plus you’re only going to use it when you need a small light that isn’t going to disturb someone.  Although that does happen, it still only works when you’re reading a book.  This USB light will end up getting used a bit more than a normal book light.  It comes with a dock that’ll allow for you to use it as a normal lamp.

If this light were bright enough it’d make it easier to work while you’re at your computer.  Which is convenient since you’ll need to hook this to your computer to give it the charge it requires.  That or you could find an adapter that would allow for this to just plug into the wall.  The device only charges when it’s plugged into the little green dock and it doubles conveniently as a stand.  You can purchase one of these lights for $28 through the MoMA Store.

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