USB Power Strip

Just like handbags and shoes are to the ladies, so too, are USB ports to the guys. At least to those of us who love our gadgets to bits. The $9.99 USB Power Strip will offer you four USB ports so that you can juice up to a trio of USB-powered devices simultaneously, without worrying about whether there are enough USB ports left available on your notebook to go around. Bear in mind that the USB Power Strip has but one purpose – that is, to charge only USB devices, and it is tiny enough to be slipped into a notebook bag without taking up too much space.
Your mates will definitely want to hang out with your more during conventions, since you are the “saviour” of your mates’ devices as well when they are all low on juice. The USB Power Strip will measure a diminutive 1.1″ x 4.4″ x 0.75″, and you will receive either black or white shades when it is shipped to your doorstep as there is no way for you to select the color as it is assigned randomly.