USB Plasma Heart for Valentine’s Day

If you’re looking for a Valentine’s gift still, here’s a cute one.  Instead of the usual boring plasma ball, you could pick up this one that’s shaped like a heart.  Then you could give her a card with some cheesy bit about an electrifying connection.  Nothing says Valentine’s Day like things so sweet they could make even the sappiest girl a bit nauseous.  Despite all the potential things that could be said along with this gift, it would still make for a great geeky gift. How can you resist it when it combines love and geekery so well?

The plasma heart works like your average plasma ball, the blue rays will instantly react to your touch by moving to come in contact with the tips of your fingers.  The heart itself is made of glass and is small enough that it’d be great for you desktop and won’t get in the way or hog space.  The heart is USB powered, so to get it up and running just plug it into your computer.  It will at the very least give you something to do when work isn’t keeping your attention.  You can purchase this on USB Brando for $17.

Source: Gizmodiva