USB Physical Therapy Instrument

If you’re in desperate need of some relief in your neck or shoulders, then maybe it’s time to give even the strange methods a try.  This USB device is pretty safe to toss in the strange category, but it might still do the trick.  It’ll help out those with chronic problems or just anyone who has a long work day and needs to relax those muscles while they’re trapped in the office.

It uses body bioelectricity emulation technology, which is using the lectrophysiology simulating traditional herbalism.  Now I have no idea what half of that means, but as long as it does the trick, who actually cares?  It obviously requires a USB port to keep it powered.   You can purchase one of these for $37 through USB Brando.  Although you should be warned that anyone with heart disease, atrial pacing or is pregnant should avoid using the massager.

Source: TechFresh