USB Pencil Sharpener

USB Pencil Sharpener!

Intel invented the Universal Serial Bus and Apple was primarily responsible for popularizing it initially. Now USB is everywhere and in nearly everything – even if it doesn’t make a lot of sense. Close to the top of the heap of nonsensical USB gadgets is the torturously named USB pencil sharpener. Does it only sharpen USB pencils? The name reminds me of “Processed Cheese Food” – is that what they feed cheese?

Plug the pencil sharpener into any USB port on your computer and worry no more about broken or dull graphite. I imagine the only function the USB port provides is 5 volts DC power. I can’t fathom any data transfer would be going on. As silly as this seems, at least they didn’t include that other ubiquitous device of our go-go modern internet age – the MP3 player. I think if any company were foolhardy enough to release a USB enabled pencil sharpener with built in MP3 player then the Seventh Seal would be broken and all the good and righteous people of planet earth would ascend to heaven. I can see it now – me sitting at my desk, idly sharpening a good old #2 pencil while the strains of some illegally downloaded MP3 come liltingly out of the sharpener and certain people begin to float up into the sky. “Wait!” I cry, “at least I didn’t buy the Bluetooth enabled version!”

Found via x-treme geek. 


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