USB Mug Warmer (with 4 port hub)

There seems to be no end to USB devices, you can now get a USB powered cup holder/warmer.

So you no longer need to be worried about your coffee mind fuel going cold whilst you’re slaving away at the keyboard. As you’d expect from any good cup holder it also incorporates a 4-port USB hub so if they ever bring out a USB toaster you could plug that in to the USB Cup warmer but it only supports USB 1.1 so don’t expect your coffee to warm too quickly :).

I’m not to sure how comfortable I’d be having a steaming cup of Java sitting amidst my spaghetti junction of cabling, it kind of seems an accident waiting to happen but if you know a desk tidy person (I know none) it may make an unusual Christmas gift, though I think I prefer the USB Massage Ball we reported on before.

You can purchase this odd USB device from ParamountZone for just over 10 pounds and if you use you CD marker pen to write don’t touch on it I’m sure you’ll get a few burnt fingers in the office.