USB Moody 3-Port Hub with Erasable Memo Pad

If you’re one of those people that needs to have little notes left around to remind you of what you need to remember, you might want to switch to a different method.  Otherwise you might end up killing off all the trees with all that note taking.  If you pick up this gadget it has a built-in area where you can write messages and then erase them again.  That way you wouldn’t have to toss away so many tiny notes, instead you could just erase them when you don’t need them anymore.

In addition to the memo pad, there are also 3 different ports for your USB hubs and USB gadgets.  For the memo pad, it comes with a marker that has an eraser built directly into the top of the marker.  Making it easier to erase things quickly.  It claims to be environmentally friendly, but that’s purely based on the fact that it’s better than using post-it notes.  It also has a colorful “moody light” giving you mood lighting at your desk in both red and blue.  You can purchase it for $14 from Gadget4all.

Source: GeekyGadgets