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USB Mixa Tape

Let’s face the fact – most USB flash drives aren’t exactly…flashy in terms of design, coming in the usual and boring rectangular form factor. With the USB Mixa Tape, things are very different.

Flash drives abound nowadays, but in a grey digital age it’s important to be able to tart up our tech and have a little fun. This 1 Gig flash drive may seem to be an anachronism, but its neat flip-out USB port and oodles of space make it the perfect little portable filing cabinet. Fill it with hundreds of your favourite tracks, piles and piles of your top photos, or slightly more dull but no less useful, all your important documents (Government Departments please don’t fill this with all our personal records and leave it on a train). The cassette comes with a sheet of graffiti style stickers so you can pimp up your tape, and of course it comes in a traditional style cassette tape box. It’s the ultimate in nostalgic data storage and transfer that even a computer luddite can get their head round.

The USB Mixa Tape can be yours for £19.99. Of course, at that price one can probably get a much higher capacity USB flash drive, but you won’t have that geek factor to flaunt.