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USB Mini Android Doll Mist Humidifier

All winter the heat’s on in our homes and offices, drying out our sinuses, skin and eyes, we have a brief respite with the arrival of spring, only to shut ourselves in again and turn on the air conditioners in order to stave off the summer heat. I hate feeling parched and dry all the time. Maybe I need to move somewhere like Seattle, it seems nice and damp there…

Or I could just get myself the Mini Android Doll Humidifier, just the perfect companion for your home, car or office, this cute little green guy is powered via USB connection and emits a cool, ultrasonic moisturizing mist for up to 10 hours on a single fill.

WIth its familiar green color, light up eyes, moveable little arms, and serene smile, your new Android friend is only about 3 and a half inches tall, and will add some comfort promoting humidity, not to mention, some style to your once stuffy office cubical.

The Android Doll Humidifier can hold a little over 8 ounces of water, comes complete with USB cable, replacement wicks, and works for up to 10 hours at a time, but it doesn’t seem to come with instructions, at least not written in English, so if you think you might need a hand there, this little guy may not be for you.

The USB Humidifier may be just the ticket to keep you from feeling parched and uncomfortable, whatever the climate, and you can have one for under 40 bucks from

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  1. I once visited certain electronics shop and I am interested on their USB mist humidifier. It is quite helpful for us as there are many USB things that are being invented which are useful for us.

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