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USB Memory Watch

No fashion piece would quite be complete without a hidden USB drive.  It’s just a strange phenomon, but it’s a lesson you have to learn fast.  Otherwise you could make a horrible social blunder.  Thankfully Tokyoflash is now jamming USB drives into one end of the wristband of this watch.  That way your drive will always be within reach.  Then to finish it off they had to put on a watch face that requires you to think in order to read the time.

There are 3 small circles, each one represents the usual things like hours, minutes and oddly the third one is not seconds.  The 3rd indicates how much storage space remains on the drive.  Despite that it does look strange, it shouldn’t be too hard to read once you get the hang of it.  Sadly it’s still just a design, so you won’t be able to pick this one up just yet.

Source: Gizmodiva