USB Media Remote

Media Remote

I suppose the USB Media Remote is just a product whose time is here, because most of us are watching television and DVDs from our laptops or computers rather than our television sets. So why not have a remote that plugs into your USB and helps you to play music, DVDs, or check your photos from up to 30 feet away?

This remote seems to be built with Windows Media Player in mind as it has an Arrow, Enter, Back, and Page keys to navigate. There are also Volume controls that crank the volume up and down, as well as the media controls of Play, Pause, Fast Forward, and Rewind.

All you need to do is plug it in and let the tech do the rest. Not only is this an effective remote, but it was designed so you won’t lose it. It can be stored inside a laptop’s PCMCIA slot, and protrudes so you can take it out for easy usage.

The USB Media Remote is designed to support Windows Vista, XP, 2000, and ME. Of course, it does not run independently, but requires a CR2025 Lithium battery. If you want it now, you can get it at the USBGeek site for about $30.00.

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