USB Massage Scarf


There is nothing quite like having a nice neck massage after a long, hard day at work. If you happen to be single and don’t have a partner to do the massaging on your behalf, fret not. Never mind if you’re a geek – the USB Massage Scarf is here to help.

This multi-purpose USB neck massager is in the form of a scarf to be worn around your neck which is able to keep your neck warm as well as giving you a good massage to release your tense muscles. Use it on your neck, shoulders, thighs or waist to massage, relieve pain, improve sleep quality, improves blood circulation and overall health.

It retails for $11.69 a pop, and ought to make everyone who is tense at the office (due to work pressures) be your best friend as they recline in your easy chair while getting a royal treatment.