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USB Hub and World Travel Clock


This is one of those gadgets that it’s most definitely debatable as to whether or not it’s useful or completely pointless.  I suppose it purely depends on your perspective and what you need out of a device like this one.  This USB hub will at the very least offer you a few more ports to make plugging in your gadgets a lot easier.  Plus it does tell the time, although so does your computer.

It seems a little silly to have a clock to sit directly next to your computer that typically displays the time anyway.  Of course it can flip between 25 different cities around the world, so you can know the time elsewhere.  Again, you’re already at your computer, so you could just as easily look it up on the internet.  However, if you deal with one specific time zone a lot, you could set it to a different time zone than your computer is set to.  The hub has a total of 4 different ports and the clock will automatically illuminate when it’s plugged into your computer.  You can purchase the USB Hub and World Travel Clock for $29.99 from Oregon Scientific.

Source: OhGizmo